Madu Ganga Lagoon & Mirala Duwa Island Discovery (half a day)

The discovery of colonial Galle as well as the lagoon excursion are both lead by a passionate and experienced guide.

The Madu Ganga lagoon offers an important biodiversity, sheltering the third of Sri Lanka fauna and flora. It’s the link between the river and the ocean.

Departures early in the morning or early afternoons
Upstream tour of the Madu Ganga (Balapitiya) lagoon on a multicolour motorboat. The landscapes are of a surprising beauty: trees with aerial roots, coconut trees, rice fields, cinnamon plantations and countless number of birds (cormorants, eagles, kingfishers). You may also see some monitor lizards, iguanas and if you are lucky … even crocodiles !

It’s a romantic stroll in a landscape unchanged for centuries, where shrimp catching is still done traditionally. You will also discover cinnamon preparation by a Sri Lankan family.

Detour towards a small Buddhist temple lost in the middle of the waters. Silent cruise on the canal to discover the blue water lilies
("Nil Manel") and the hinterland.

Coming back, you’ll stop to visit the Mirala Duwa Island up to a promontory from which you can see the expanse of the mangrove area.

Here civilisation reasserts its rights, with agriculture on a grander scale: a little stroll through the pineapple and other fruit, vegetable and spice plantations.

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